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Digital agency.

Let's talk zeitgeist.

What do we mean by zeitgeist? We like to think about it as having a deep, comprehensive understanding of the power and impact digital has on just about everything we do every day. It's a true embracing of the presence and dominance of digital in our lives. It's living and breathing all things digital.

It's also looking forward. Pushing the boundaries of digital possibility. Especially when it comes to brand marketing. Here, we're constantly dreaming up the new — new ideas, new solutions, new opportunities to put your brand in the right channel, in a fresh way, at the perfect moment, to generate instant, lasting connections with your audiences.

Zeitgeist. It's living digital, in the now, and in the future.

Meet the Parents

Digital Natives and Analogous Strategists

Brand Marketing

Let's bring your brand to life.

When people think about brands, they often think of logos. Or products. Or locations. But in the digital realm, your brand can be so much more than that. It can be a living, breathing entity. A good friend. A trusted partner. A wise teacher. A puppy dog. Whatever you want your brand to be, you can become it. Think beyond being something people buy, and become something people embrace.

Interlutions can show you how.

So how do you bring your brand to life? You understand your customers' journey, and you meet them along the way.

You get up in the morning, shower, make coffee, pack the kids' lunches, and leave for work. Every day. It's your routine.

Now think about it: you have a digital routine, too. You have places you go online that are just as routine as getting ready for work in the morning. We all do. We call these touchpoints. And it's where we must meet our customers.

Doing this take a true understanding of your customers and their journey, or routine. It's one of our specialties here at Interlutions. We love discovering, studying, and understanding customer journeys. Because once we understand the journey, we can talk to your customers. Entertain your customers. And bring your brand to life.

Their journey goes beyond just digital.
So we do, too.

No point along the journey should be missed. Overlooked. Ignored. Your brand cannot come to life if it's one dimensional.

Which is why we don't just offer you a digital plan, we offer you a comprehensive, big-picture, soup-to-nuts, whole enchilada plan.

People like numbers. Facts and figures. Data points.
So here are some of ours.

Your commute

  • 17%
  • 23%
  • 27%
  • 18%
  • 15%

11.870Lines of code / h


Star Wars




Nintendo Gamepad


Game of Thrones




We ♥ mobile

  • 37%
  • 49%
  • 14%

Lunch time


19% Burger


45% Salad


3% Pizza


13% Sushi


3% Kebap


17% Pasta

Interlutions Group is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Eric Meurers and Christian Schmidt.

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