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Symfony Development

A very first-hand experience

We love referring back to proven applications. So before bedtime, rather than stalk our friends from primary-school days on Facebook, we prefer to peruse the Symfony codes on websites such as, YAHOO!, Pepsi, and trivago.

This mild obsession, together with our years of experience and collaboration SensioLabs, the inventors of Symfony, make us trusted experts for Symfony applications.

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Interlutions - Digitale Lead- und Internetagentur Chefkoch
Interlutions - Digitale Lead- und Internetagentur Fressnapf
Interlutions - Digitale Lead- und Internetagentur Immobilienscout24
Interlutions - Digitale Lead- und Internetagentur MeinAuto
Interlutions - Digitale Lead- und Internetagentur MyVideo


We provide support for the cooking portal with our Symfony recipes. Delicious!


We are in charge of further development of the Symfony-based online shop and the migration to Symfony2.


For this gigantic online real-estate database, we develop the homepage construction kit and the reference implementation of the ImmobilienScout24 API with Symfony.


When it comes time to purchase your next car, check out the Symfony3-based portal we developed for this auto seller.


We developed the architecture, trained the MyVideo team, and provided support throughout the relaunch of the rebuilt, Symfony-based video portal.

Our services in detail


Our huge community is the foundation and heart of Symfony with more than 2,000 code contributors, 300,000 Symfony developers, and well over 5,000,000 Symfony downloads per month.


Proven modules guarantee security and extensibility.

Experts use Symfony

Not only applications but entire frameworks, such as Drupal, eZ-Publish, and PIWIK, are based on Symfony, making further development in all directions easier.


With us, you can rest assured every phase of your project is in safe hands. Teams of experienced Symfony experts, top front-end developers, and responsible project managers have been developing high-end projects since the first version of Symfony.

Code reviews and audits

We draw on our experience and the analytical tools of the Symfony inventors for audits and optimization of your existing Symfony application.

Training and certifications

We offer Symfony training, along with individual training for beginning and advanced users. Training is available in our offices or at a location of your choosing.